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BookLikes tags, a bonus way to use them

I deleted all my books and shelves the other day. The whole system was too slow, too complicated, too frustrating. I thought I would start again from 2014. I also thought that all the reviews I had written would disappear along with the books (a la GR), but they didn't, they remained. Very pleasantly surprised.


Yesterday the Thursday Candy was book tags. I set up a shelf called 2013-reviews and then went through all the reviews I had but were not attached to books and added 2013-reviews as a tag and all the books magically appeared on my shelves.  I still had to add them to the 2013-reviews shelf as they only came up on Read, and then the date. The whole process was so simple and efficient, just brilliant. 


This means that any reviews I copy over to BookLikes and post as a review are just going to need a tag that is the same as the shelf name to appear on my book list and I won't need to search endless vendors and add the book first.


This feature is really great, really smooths the shelving process. Thank you so much BookLikes, I'm a really happy camper :-)